Country Cottages

Country Cottages

The History OF Country Cottages

“The Cottage Homes of Canada

How beautiful they are

In nooks and corners see them stand

Dotting the country near or far”

Perhaps these assertions disguised in the notion of poetic reflection by famous Benjamin could be considered as a perfect description elucidating the originality that lies in the beauty of a country cottage.

However, the notion that reaches to human mind in this 21st century pertaining to the country cottages lies only with its importance associated with a luxurious holiday plan to be executed in a cottage, Whereas, the evolution of such cottages remains untouched rather ignored to a great extent.

 The concept of evolution of such cottages has its roots in Canada, the country that could be called to promulgate the idea of building houses in a unique format. To establish the notion that country cottages are meant for someone rather the people who urge and remains filled up with the spirit of freedom, the emergence of the socio-political scenarios remains inevitable.

 The authoritarian move that got established in Canada hundreds of years ago indulged into politics that aimed at conquering the nature too. The persons who engraved natural beauty in themselves rather preferred the presence of nature wished to occupy such garden area in a bid to construct their estate.

However, this is not to be ignored that there remained many natives of the place who turned to construct and build small cottages for their shelter. This emerges a conflicting issue. The cottages that is seen as a symbol for luxury and holiday destination for people all over the world witnessed by the contemporary society in this post globalized era often neglects the opposite phase hidden behind the existence of this cottages.

 These cottages remains the only witness of both wealthy people enjoying their holiday tour, while often these cottages sympathies with the grief imbibed in the working class necessity crisis. Such contradiction witnessed by these cottages turns it to be majestic in values.

 It often stands to be the ideal palace to enjoy a weekend trip while on the other stands also signifies as an ideal home for some people. These country cottages stands as an icon, the structure of shelter often glittering opposing with pluralist forms of meaning. However, these houses have its own unique charm that would imbibe within you the glimpse of peace no soon you witness it.

Moreover, staying in a country cottage for an holiday has been the dream of many, the aestheticsof this houses being transformed to mechanism of profit maximization for various businessman. Moreover, these houses are generally getting sold for the purpose that caters the enhancement of business, cottages being transformed to hotels and guest houses, often stands to be a tourist attraction.

 The old, traditional and antique windows and doors magnetize the public compelling them to spend few days within nature. Such places and cottages are constantly being utilized by wealthy businessman, often compelling the natives to sell their cottages in return of economic value.